the place

Petőfi Sándor Cultural House (PSMH)
Győr, Árpád út(street) 44.
(WGS84 (GPS) coordinates: N47 41.148 E17 38.246)

Entrance fee: 2500 HUF / 10 EUR
Girls get in for free.
Opening: October 1, Friday 19:00
Closing: October 3. Sunday 11:00

Győr is about halfway between Budapest and Vienna.
Should you arrive to either the bus or the train station, the rest of the trip will be pretty straightforward; from either place you can see the county hall (northwards). Head towards that, and cross the main road in front of it. This is the Szent István road, connecting Wien to Budapest.

After crossing this (and stopping for the red light), turn right at the first street parallel to it. This is the Árpád út. Go about 200-300 meters, so you'll reach the crossroad at Teleki út. Just cross this and on the other side you should see the Los Tequilas pub, the Petőfi Cultural Centre and also Radio Győr.

Everyone: bring power outlets and extension cords; think about the poor fellas who bring their computers but forget about these.

No Internet at the partyplace, but we won't exclude the gamers, should they occasionally arrive. Despite this we would like to emphasize that this is not a LAN-party, we don't aim for killing each other in multiplayer games all day long.

Also bring some network cable(utp)! The place has a buffet (really!), there's a shop nearby (24/7!), restaurants, bars, pubs, all on demand.

Everything is allowed as long as you don't cause any damage. The organizers don't hold any liability for the stuff you bring.

The party is for having a good time, meeting your friends and of course, taking part in the compos.

With these words in mind we would like to wish you a great time!


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