Yes, the rumors are true, Function will be held this year as well! (we're gonna make a tradition eventually)
The biggest news is definitely that finally there will be no villages, this years first (and hopefully not last) hungarian demoscene party will be held in a real city, namely Gyr. The new place will hopefully astonish the attenders, you'll be able to enjoy the demoshows and compos in a comfortable screening room, and this time we'll have proper heating too ;)
Come, participate in the competitions and enjoy the party!

If you plan to come, please register yourself here.
No commitments, it's just useful for us organizers to know how many people wish to come.


2004-10-04 :: Party is over, get the results here, and the releases here. Afterparty page will be available soon.
2004-09-28 :: Last minute changes in the schedule, thus making it more rich, and unfortunately we had to postpone the opening because of another event at the partyplace. The rules got also a new very important addition!
And also we have the entry fee fixed now to 2500 HUF (10 EUR).
2004-09-14 :: In case the sleeping room at the partyplace wouldn't be satisfying enough for you, now you can find some information about accomodations in the location section.
2004-08-26 :: Check out the location section for some photos of the partyplace!
2004-08-23 :: A slight change in Sunday schedule.
2004-08-19 :: Put up some maps in the location section.
2004-08-16 :: Website officially opened.